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A little colour goes a long way

Posted by Blueroof 360ca


When it comes to putting a home on the market, a little colour goes a long way. Colour helps your home stand out from the crowd, making it more memorable for showings and giving prospective buyers an idea of how they too can decorate. Be bold, and be confident.


According to the experts at leading paint brand CIL paint, contrary to popular belief, colours with personality have been shown to be more effective at closing a deal. In fact, they say soothing shades of green, brown and yellow paint may even help a home sell faster than the builder’s white or beige.


“First impressions are everything when selling a home, and colour psychology has been shown to sway people’s opinions, emotions and behaviour,” says Alison Goldman, CIL Brand Manager. “The more attractive and comfortable you make your home, the more it will entice prospective buyers to make an offer.”


Goldman offers this advice to update a home for resale:


Detach from the process. Look at the property from a buyer’s perspective. Don’t think of it as your house anymore. You’re selling a product now.


Focus on fixtures. Since your furnishings will be going with you when you move, select a colour scheme best suited to your home’s stationary items, such as flooring, cabinetry and countertops. When choosing paint for a living or dining room, for example, hold paint swatches right next to the floor, not only in the middle of the wall, to ensure the tones work well together.


Play the odds. Select paint colours that are palatable to a broad a range of potential buyers. Earth tones that reflect the colours of nature, such as muted shades of green, brown, yellow, blue, red, grey and tan, work best since they create a warm and inviting environment. CIL’s top picks are Napa Valley (90YY 35/304) green, Otter Brook (80YR 11/151) brown, Flaxseed (50YY 80/242) yellow, and Lakemont Blue (70BG 11/257) blue.


Create interest. Painting a focal wall in a warm colour adds personality to a room and may draw increased interest from prospects. This technique is especially effective in key rooms like the master bedroom and dining area, where a splash of colour can do wonders in adding charm to a space without overwhelming it.


Accentuate the positives. Use colour to highlight impressive features of a home or detract from less desirable elements. For example, upgrades such as crown molding can be accented by painting them a colour that contrasts slightly with the walls. Smaller spaces can be visually expanded with shades of cool blue or muted green, and a dark entryway can be warmed up with sunny yellow to maximize the play of light.


“William Shakespeare’s claim that ‘all the world’s a stage’ is particularly true when putting your home on the market,” Goldman says. “Using the right colours will set the stage for a successful and profitable outcome.”


More information about creating a mood with colour can be found at

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